2020 Toyota HILUX Pricelist as of April 2020!

Hilux HSPU With Rr A/C- 1,043,000

Hilux HSPU W/o Rr A/C- 1,015,000
Hilux Cab & Chassis- 829,000
Hilux 4X2 J M/T DSL – 939,000
Hilux 4X2 E M/T DSL – 1,046,000
Hilux 4X4 E M/T DSL – 1,202,000
Hilux 4X2 G MT DSL – 1,220,000
Hilux 4X2 G A/T DSL – 1,295,000
Hilux 4X4 G M/T DSL – 1,522,000
Hilux 4X4 G A/T DSL – 1,652,000
Hilux 4X2 CONQUEST MT- 1,368,000
Hilux 4X2 CONQUEST AT- 1,443,000
Hilux 4X4 CONQUEST MT- 1,678,000
Hilux 4X4 CONQUEST AT- 1,808,000

*Prices & Promos are subject to change.

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