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Vehicle Sales & Marketing @ Toyota Batangas City!

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Toyota Rush

1.5E MT- ₱1,012,000
1.5E AT- ₱1,052,000
1.5GRS A/T- ₱1,176,000

Deals & Promos:
*As low as 124k All-in DP
*Free 1Yr Insurance
*Free 1-20k Km Change-oil

*Installments are subject for CI & Approval.
*Prices & Promos are subject to change without notice.
*Selected units only.

Hilux Pick-up

4X2 E M/T DSL – 1,113,000
232,200 -DP / 5yrs- 24,632

4X2 G MT DSL – 1,220,000
244,200 -DP / 5yrs- 27,000

4X2 G A/T DSL – 1,295,000
253,200 -DP / 5yrs- 28,660

Toyota Hiace is a commercial vehicle powered by 3.0L & 2.8L Diesel engine respectively.

Toyota HIACE Van Photos

Toyota HIACE Van Videos

Toyota Hiace- Pricelist:

Commuter Decon 3.0 MT- ₱1,379,000
Commuter Cargo- ₱1,166,000
Commuter Deluxe- ₱1,724,000
GL Grandia MT – ₱2,150,000
GL Grandia AT- ₱2,225,000
GL TOURER AT- ₱2,399,000
S.Grandia AT Leather- ₱2,723,000
S.Grandia AT Elite- ₱3,098,000

*Subject for CI & Approval.
*Prices & Promos are subject to change.
*LTO Reg, Insurance & Chattel Included.
*Safeguard duties not yet Included.
*Standard Free: Tint, Matting, & Seatcover
*3yrs Warranty

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